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Registered office: Via Broggio, 438, 37050 Isola della Rizza, Verona

For customer service, please use  +39 045 6997350


When placing your order, we will take you through your selected products and services in detail, giving you all the information required, including maintenance and care information.

All details, items and colours will be thoroughly checked, verified and you will be asked to confirm the order by entering a 4 digit pin number, unique to the customer. In confirming your order, you agree that the order and its contents are correct. Once completed, your order forms part of a legally binding contract, which cannot be cancelled by either party without charge.



To place an order requires a deposit to the value of 10% of the order value, or £100, whichever is greater, unless payment is by a qualifying low deposit finance agreement. Goods will remain the property of Piombini_Outlet until such time as payment is made in full or where an approved and executed finance agreement is in place and delivery has been made

Finance agreements

All finance is subject to status. We will make an application on your behalf through one or more finance providers at the point of order. The finance provider will complete all necessary credit checks on the applicant and return an approved or failed status. Piombini_Outlet have no influence over the status returned.

Orders will be placed for manufacture and/or stock goods allocated only after payment is approved. Some agreements will be delayed in decision making while status is checked, this is called referral.

Once approved, your credit agreement forms part of a linked and legally binding contract even when the agreement is without a deposit. This means that by entering into such an agreement, you are obliged to pay the specified amount as detailed on your finance agreement. Transferring orders from cash or credit card payment onto finance after the date of purchase will only be possible at the discretion of Sofology and is subject to status and approval.

Buy now, Pay later

This is a form of credit agreement where a deposit is paid and the balance can be paid in full later. We operate this with up to a 12 month payment holiday from the date the order was placed. These agreements carry a requirement to pay before the due date in full to the provider or will automatically result in an interest bearing credit agreement thereafter. If paid before the payment holiday expires, these agreements carry no interest charges whatsoever. There may be a minimum value below which finance cannot be provided. This will be provider specific and can vary from time to time.

Delivery to an address other than that of the cardholder or collection from a distribution centre

Where a finance agreement is in place for full or part payment of the order, identification and electronic signature must be supplied prior to delivery. We are unable to deliver to an address other than that of the card holder and/or the address noted on any finance agreement where the relevant documents have not been supplied in person at the store.

For delivery to an address other than that of the cardholder, all outstanding balances must be paid by either cash or secure chip and pin. Not all finance providers support the option of delivery to an address other than that on the agreement. This may limit your options in obtaining credit.


Change of order pre delivery

We often find that our customers need to amend or confirm combinations and colours after placing their initial order. Amending your order is a free of charge option that is only possible within 48 hours of purchase. Please contact your original store of purchase to effect such changes. After 48 hours, there will be a cancellation/administration charge of 30% for each item that you wish to change on your order. This cost covers any charges incurred by Piombini_Outlet for processing, transporting, restocking and/or manufacturing costs with the suppliers. Please see the ‘'Cancellation' section for further information on cancellation charges.

What if it won't fit?

Although we understand the difficulties in checking access routes, door sizes and corridors for delivery of oddly shaped sofas and furniture, it is always your final responsibility to ensure that your new furniture will fit into your home. If we are unable to deliver your furniture but access is viable, we will normally attempt a second delivery with a different delivery team completely free of charge to you. This is because often there are several ways to approach the installation and every delivery team is different.

In the infrequent cases where it is not possible to install all or selected items of furniture, we will endeavour to find a solution to exchange the order for furniture that will install more easily at minimal charge. All cases are with dealt with on a case by case basis and at the discretion of Piombini_Outlet in the hope of finding an alternative to the cancellation of the order. Please see the 'Cancellation' section for further information on cancellation charges.

Goods that are unsuitable on delivery

In an effort to avoid such situations, the Piombini_Outlet team support our customers at the point of sale to assist you in choosing appropriate products based on information provided, followed by your verification and confirmation of the order. Once an order is raised and confirmed by you the customer, the specific goods are allocated/released to our suppliers to enter manufacture. As such, the suitability of the product is your full and complete responsibility once confirmed at the point of order. If you deem that your goods are unsuitable for any reason, your order will become subject to the rules for cancellation. Please see the 'Cancellation' section for further information on cancellation charges. Web or telephone orders where goods have not been inspected in store are subject to distance selling rules. See ‘Web orders and distance selling regulations’ for details.

Web orders and distance selling regulations

The following applies only to orders placed online, by mail order or by telephone on the web, for items not inspected in one of our retail stores.

Orders considered to fall under the distance selling regulations are subject to a 14 day return or exchange right. This must be requested in writing in the period immediately following the day of delivery. This period is to help you to inspect the goods and correct any wrong choices made without having the benefit of seeing the furniture prior to purchase. As such, it is not a period where you can make normal use of that furniture and impact it’s condition. Until returned, the furniture is under your ownership and it will be your responsibility to maintain and protect it, keeping it “as new” condition. Failure to return goods in perfect condition may result in additional charges. We recommend that goods are kept and returned in the appropriate packaging to minimise risk.

Return of the items to Piombini_Outlet in these circumstances is your responsibility and must be actioned to your closest distribution centre. As many of our customers do not have access to appropriate delivery vehicles or professional teams who can care for the product, we can offer this service subject to a charge of up to 20% of the value of each item returned, plus any claim for deterioration in condition.

Please contact our Customer Experience team in writing should you feel that you would like to exchange or return your furniture.


Orders are not subject to cancellation without charge under any circumstances.

We find that most customers wishing to cancel have underlying reason for doing so that relate often to a wrong choice or other furniture related issues.
As such we are committed to finding an alternative solution including re-selection to other furniture, a change of payment method or change of combination and will help with a solution where possible.

Where we cannot reach a final, alternative solution and cancellation remains as the only option, a cancellation charge of 30% of the order value plus any delivery and re delivery costs will be forfeit or due. Any amount paid over 30% will be given to you as a credit note and can be used as part or full payment for furniture for up to 6 months after cancellation.

Where goods are cancelled under distance selling regulations, the cancellation charge will not be applied. Please refer to the “Web orders and distance selling regulations” section for further information around processes and costs associated.

Please see the ‘what if it doesn’t fit’ section for further information on cancellation charges.


Service under your warranty

Our Customer Experience team are on hand to help with any issues you may experience with your furniture. As a handmade product, upholstery can require service from time to time, and our team of fully trained technicians are on hand and can rectify most issues in a single visit. It is important to note that we often find that aftercare issues can be avoided by correct care and maintenance. Many of the issues we attend are for the results of a lack of or insufficient daily maintenance, incorrect cleaning or usage outside of the manufacturer’s guidelines such as sitting on arms etc. Please pay special attention to care information provided at the point of sale and the simple do’s and don’ts contained within.

Our service teams are also on hand to discuss how to maintain and care for your furniture to keep it in the best condition. They can also often provide supplementary informative materials to help you to avoid damage and incorrect maintenance. Our process around warranty service relies on the accurate identification of an issue or characteristics. This means that we will require detailed information from you and that it is necessary for you to contact us when you are with the furniture and can answer questions related to it. Our process may involve you carrying out limited and simple actions to troubleshoot and rectify any minor issue.

Where in home service is then required, our endeavour is to provide a fast single visit solution. This means that based on the information provided by you we will ensure that we are prepared for the visit and will ensure that we are equipped with any parts needed. Our service level is to make a technician available within 3 working days, subject to parts needs or to make a visit and solution within 10 days in all cases. Where there is a longer lead time for parts, we will make you aware of this and make a visit immediately available when the parts arrive. This will be limited to a maximum order time of 6 weeks, when another alternative solution will be provided.

I have had an accident and need a repair

We operate a large team of highly skilled upholstery technicians. They are skilled in upholstery, fabric repair and leather colouration and repair. If you have damaged your furniture and require service, we can offer it at low rates and will do so to all of our customer base. Unfortunately we do not offer service on furniture supplied elsewhere. Please contact our Customer Experience team to review your needs and to book a visit. We will aim to resolve all issues in a single call out and will charge only a standard call out fee (covering one hours work), excess time charge and for any parts required to complete the repair.

When to contact a store with an issue

Stores can help you with questions and queries prior to delivery of your goods only. This means that payment queries, questions about delivery or about the product itself are always best handled by store.



The availability of reduced to clear furniture is dependent on your delivery postcode, and can only be purchased if your address is close to where the clearance or refurbished furniture is located. Our team will advise you on the availability of reduced to clear furniture for your delivery address.

Clearance furniture

Clearance furniture is effectively ex-display furniture that has been used for demonstration in one of our retail stores. It is reduced to reflect this and will not be in new condition. Clearance furniture is processed by our technicians before delivery at one of our distribution centres and will be representative of the furniture on display and free from major defects, but it will invariably be in a condition representative of its use to date. When buying clearance furniture, it is important to note that the furniture seen on display will not always be the furniture received. This furniture is offered for sale in specific combinations from a pool of stock held at both stores and distribution centres, so your order maybe fulfilled from elsewhere. Clearance furniture is fast moving and is sold subject to availability on a ‘first come first served’ basis. It is also available only subject to it being located close to your final delivery point. We will require your postcode in order to assess availability.

Refurbished furniture

Refurbished furniture is stock that has been restocked after installation into a customer home. We will grade this stock based on the time period it has been used, it’s condition and any defects. Grade A stock will be deemed as new, Grade B will be soiled and will be in a used but good condition. Grade C furniture is heavily used and is sold through disposal outlets only and comes sold as seen without our standard warranties. Refurbished furniture is often heavily discounted to reflect its condition and status and whilst it may have had remedial refurbishment carried out, it will not be in as new condition unless specifically labelled as Grade A stock.


Arranging delivery

When you place an order, you will be asked to confirm the earliest possible date that you can accept delivery of your furniture. We refer to this as your Earliest Customer Acceptance (ECA) date. Once this date is set, it cannot be amended under any circumstances as our supply chain is reliant on it. In setting an Earliest Customer Acceptance (ECA) date, you agree to accept your furniture within 7 days of your goods becoming available for delivery.

What if I can't take delivery when agreed?

Should your goods arrive prior to your ECA date, we will store your furniture up to that date and 7 days beyond, free of charge. If you cannot accept delivery 7 days after your ECA date, you will incur automatic storage charges. This charge is applied due to warehouse storage constraints. Excess storage is calculated as a daily charge. Storage is available for a maximum of 21 days only, which consists of 7 days free storage and a maximum of 14 days chargeable. Storage charges must be paid in advance, with a delivery date set within the 21 day limit at the point of payment. Goods exceeding the maximum storage time or without payment for storage after the first 7 days will be restocked for resale. Goods restocked for resale will fall under the rules for cancellation. Please see the ‘Cancellation’ section for further information on cancellation charges.

Goods restocked for resale will be subject to any storage charges outstanding, which will be chargeable on top of any cancellation charges. Goods restocked for resale may require re-ordering as new from the supplier once all charges are paid in full. We recommend that where extended storage is required that it will be more cost effective to arrange delivery and self storage than to use our storage services.

What if my delivery is delayed?

Occasionally, delivery of goods can be delayed. This can be due to production issues, shortage of raw materials, a quality failure of components or materials or delays in shipping. In all of these cases we will endeavour to provide regular updates on progress. Piombini_Outlet operate a unique on time delivery guarantee. This means that if your delivery extends greater than 7 days past agreed delivery date (subject to your ECA date having passed), you will be automatically entitled to a £50 reduction in your order value as part of our confidence and commitment to delivering your goods ahead of or on time.

Prolonged delays

If delivery is delayed or forecast to be delayed for a prolonged period, we will offer the option of re-selection to an alternative product.

What if my furniture or home is damaged during delivery?

Delivery of large and irregularly shaped furniture including sofas can be very difficult in many homes. There are often narrow doors, corridors and obstacles that restrict access and make installation difficult. Our delivery teams are trained to install your furniture successfully into your home without damage to either the furniture or your home. They will normally install it in a trouble free way and often against the odds, without incident. Inevitably, there will be occasions where fragile furniture is slightly or superficially damaged during installation. This is quite common and in order to provide for it, our teams carry spares for all of the furniture being delivered. They are also trained in and carry “first aid” equipment that can resolve most delivery issues such as scuffs on leather, transit marks and creases as well as many other minor issues.

In the unlikely event that a delivery team cannot resolve an issue, it will be reported to our in house service team who will usually be able to resolve it quickly and easily with a technician call out to your home. In order to reach you, your furniture has usually been through many processes and risks. It has been manufactured, loaded and unloaded several times, shipped and handled many times. It then faces its greatest moment of risk of damage during delivery and installation, so finally getting it into your chosen room means it is now safe and unlikely to be damaged. This is why it is much more successful to do simple repairs in your home, rather than to consider replacement of the furniture at this point.

When safely installed, it will not be subject to further risk and we find that most often, the cause of any initial damage to the original product will ironically re-occur with a replacement, incurring long delays in the process. With this in mind, we find that replacement is not usually an effective solution unless it can’t be avoided and we are confident in our technical team to correct any issue within your home to your full satisfaction. We ask you to consider this when making any such replacement request.

By accepting installation you acknowledge that you understand the risks to both the furniture and your home during installation. This means that it is your responsibility to ensure our delivery teams have easy access to your room of choice and that the route is clear and free from any obstruction. Our delivery team will exercise to you reasonable care when installing furniture in your property.


At Piombini_Outlet we exclusively design the majority of our own furniture or in partnership with our skilled manufacturers worldwide. These designs are then manufactured by either a single manufacturer or placed with several, in order to ensure that volumes are met and that quality is maintained. As part of this process, we operate a constant improvement methodology where designs are updated and improved when necessary in order to both improve small details in the aesthetics or to improve performance or avoid issues. This means that our specifications may change without notice and that whilst our products remain essentially identical to the sample on display, there may be reasonable changes and updates made over time that mean it is not identical.


What it covers:

Our 10 Year Structural Guarantee covers your furniture against manufacturing defects or failures of the frame construction and suspension (springs or webbing). Included in the Guarantee we cover your furniture for 2 years on leathers, fabrics, inners, stitching, recliner mechanisms and electrical components such as sound docks or refrigerators. Both guarantees apply under normal, non-commercial use.

What it doesn't cover:

The Guarantee does not cover your furniture against accidental or deliberate damage or where fabric or leather has failed as a result of exposure to chemicals or bodily fluids. We recommend using one of our care kits to keep your furniture in the best possible condition for as long as you own it. This Guarantee is non-transferrable if you choose to sell or donate your sofa to someone else.

Warranty on Clearance and Refurbished Furniture.

From time to time, we reduce and dispose of ex-display furniture, together with reducing and clearing customer returns and refurbished seconds. This furniture is not sold as a new item, will not be in new condition and is reduced to varying degrees in order to reflect that. Due to these reductions and the history of this furniture, we do not offer our standard warranties on it. All of this product is covered by a statutory 12 month warranty with no extension periods. This does not affect your statutory rights. None of the warranty provision that we offer covers misuse, neglect or abuse of the furniture.

 & conditions


The following general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "T&C") are applied to the sale and purchase agreement (hereinafter referred to as "agreement") of the products distributed by Piombini s.r.l. - Share Capital f.p. € 60.000,00, Isola Rizza, Via Broggio, 438 - 37050 Verona Italy, VAT 04135660233, REA VR n. 395110 - through its website piombinioutlet.it (hereinafter referred to as the "website") to its users (or clients).
The following T&C apply exclusively to the users (or clients) defined accordingly to the art. 3, co. 1, lett. a) of the Italian Lgs. D. 6/09/2005, n. 206, as “any natural person concluding a legal transaction for a purpose that cannot be ascribed either to their commercial or independent professional activities”.
All the information listed in the website are in English or Italian language. By accepting this agreement the user (or client) declares his acceptance of the T&C before placing any order.
The user (or client) also declares that any order carried out will not have a business / professional / trade scope. The user (or client) hereby guarantees that the personal data provided during the registration procedure for the Site are complete and truthful and undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless Piombini s.r.l. from and against any losses, damages and/or liabilities deriving from and/or connected to the violation of the regulations concerning the registration on the website or the conservation of the related credentials. All the orders placed through the website piombinioutlet.it are intended for use in the country they were ordered from. The user (or client) declares his legal capacity to act according to the T&C set in this page.

Validity of the T&C

These T&C are intended to be applied to any user (or client) having a delivery address in the EU countries in which Piombini s.r.l. operates.

The agreement includes the following documents:

  • The T&C reported in this page
  • The order confirmation received via e-mail

The order confirmation will be sent by Piombini s.r.l. once the user (or client) has completed the following steps in the website:

  • selected the product (or products)
  • added those product (or products) to cart
  • logged in or registered on the Piombini s.r.l. website and accepted the T&C
  • proceeded to checkout entering all the required information functional to delivery and billing purposes
  • placed the order and confirmed the payment method and completed the payment process. By clicking on the "Place Order" button, the user (or client) is placing a binding order for the products shown in its basket, confirming the authorization to place such an order.

The description and photographs of products on the Piombini s.r.l. website have illustrative purposes and do not constitute a legally binding offer (the colors in particular may not exactly correspond to the real ones due to the internet browser or monitor characteristics). There is no legal claim to the availability and deliverability of the products shown in the website.
Whether, before the delivery of the order, the product (or products) will not be available anymore due to occurred damages or supply stock outs (of which Piombini s.r.l. is not responsible), Piombini s.r.l. will promptly inform the user (or client) about the inconvenience and refund the equivalent amount of any payment received.
Piombini s.r.l. is entitled to reject any order made by the user (or client) and withdraw from the agreement without citing reasons. In particular, Piombini s.r.l. reserves the right to reject an offer if: the delivery address is outside the EU countries currently served by its transportation providers; the delivery address indicated by the user (or client) will result incorrect or incomplete; there is the suspect that the person placing the orders is not a consumer as defined by the definition mentioned above; an order is not confirmed through random telephonic controls; the payment is not received within 48 hours from the order confirmation or within 24 hours from the email reminder.
The order will be processed by Piombini s.r.l. according to the procedure reported above and to the specific timing reported in each product page of the website. Piombini s.r.l. will not be responsible for any damages occurred to the products for their usage after the delivery from the transportation carriers and for delays in delivery due to the latter.
No other general or particular conditions can replace or substitute the T&C set in this page. Should one or more provisions of these T&C be defined invalid under any law, regulation or following a final decision taken by a competent jurisdiction, the other provisions will hold their value.


The user (or client) who wishes to conclude the agreement and purchase the product (or products) must express this willingness through a website request clicking the place order button in the checkout page, where, following the procedures described above, it will send the purchase order confirmation and proceed to the payment. The payment is due from the time of order. The user (or client) undertakes to pay the agreed price for the product ordered on the website (product price and shipping) by using the payment methods made available.
In the case of credit card payment, Piombini s.r.l. has the rights to request the copy of an identity document confirming the ownership of the credit card. The payment method data will be processed through a server-to-server secure connection that utilize the SSL Protocol (Secure Sockets Layer). Piombini s.r.l. is not responsible of any payment gateways pages that are not directly managed by Piombini s.r.l. itself.
Transportation risks transfer The transfer of the transportation risks from Piombini s.r.l. to the client applies with the delivery of the product (or products) operated by the carrier to the address indicated by the client. During the possible withdrawal period referred below, the client is responsible for the product (or products) as guardian. In case of damage or destruction of the product (or products) during the custody of the client, the client will be considered responsible.

Order Delivery

Orders will be delivered from the transportation carrier appointed by Piombini s.r.l. from Monday to Saturday.
The user (or client) is responsible for the delivery address indicated in the checkout page. Delivery is to the ground floor front door of the building and does not include any assembly or unpacking services. Floor delivery has to be requested before placing the order and implies extra-costs, if available. Mail boxes will not be considered eligible for delivery for certain products. The delivery note issued by the transportation carrier will constitute a proof of transport and risks transfer.
Piombini s.r.l. recommends the client to carry out a check of the delivered product (or products) packaging before signing the delivery note. Whether some anomalies might be noted the customer must refuse the delivery of the product (or products) or write down any reserve, detailed and dated, in the delivery note receipt. These notes must be confirmed to Piombini s.r.l. by writing to piombini@piombini.it within three (3) business days from the delivery.

Right of withdrawal

The client may withdraw from the agreement within a period of 14 days, without citing any reasons, by writing to piombini@piombini.it or to Piombini s.r.l. – Via Broggio, 438 - 37050 Isola Rizza Verona, Italy. Whether the product (or products) have already been delivered, this period starts with the delivery itself of the product (or products). In that case the client will be responsible to return the product (or products) to Piombini s.r.l. at the following address: Piombini s.r.l. – Via Broggio, 438 - 37050 Isola Rizza Verona, Italy.
As stated by the Italian Law, the return of any damaged or incorrect product will be free of charge (the equivalent cost – if not exceeding 10€ - will be charged back to the client), while if the return applies to products that were corresponding to the order and have been delivered intact you will be charged the return shipping cost. That cost may vary depending upon the size and volume of the product (or products).
Products damaged by detergents / additives, or products damaged by the client for malpractice will not be replaced or refunded by Piombini s.r.l. A copy of the delivery note will need to be placed inside the return packing box. The risks of transport for the return of the product (or products) is on the client. Refunds will be done within a period of thirty (30) days from the date on which the client advised Piombini s.r.l. of the right of withdrawal exercise.
Exceptions to the right of withdrawal: the right of withdrawal does not apply on those products that are customized and/or manufactured on a single order basis (Lgs. D. 6/9/2005 n. 206). This production characteristic is reported in description provided in each product page.

Warranty and liability

Piombini s.r.l. offers for sale top-quality design products. These products are distributed by Piombini s.r.l. through direct agreements with furniture companies, manufacturers and dealers, carefully selected based on their production and style criteria. The Piombini s.r.l. team checks, on a random base, the product (or products) before its shipment. However, the client always benefits from the product legal warranty given by each producer. Piombini s.r.l. doubles this legal warranty with a special additional warranty policy (“Satisfied or Reimbursed”) that is valid for the thirty (30) days after the delivery (this warranty does not apply on those products that are customized and/or manufactured on a single order basis).
The legal warranty policies are governed by the Italian Law. The legal warranty is reserved to consumers: it therefore applies solely to any natural person concluding a legal transaction for a purpose that cannot be ascribed either to their commercial or independent professional activities. According to it, in the event of defective products the client has the right to have it remedied (delivery of non-defective goods), to cancel the order or to receive a price reduction.
The product (or products) which the user claims as defective should be sent to Piombini s.r.l. – Via Broggio, 438 - 37050 Isola Rizza Verona, Italy. Piombini s.r.l. will evaluate the existence or otherwise of the claimed defect. Piombini s.r.l. hereby reserves the right to ask the client to enclose the invoice and/or transport document or any other document that proves the date of purchase.
Piombini s.r.l.’s liability towards clients is limited. Except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence, Piombini s.r.l. is only responsible for any direct and foreseeable damage at the time of conclusion of the contract of sale. Piombini s.r.l. will not be liable for any loss, loss of profit or any other damage that is not an immediate and direct consequence of the culpable breach or which was not foreseeable at the time of conclusion of the agreement.


Piombini s.r.l. informs that the website, as well as all trademarks and logos used in connection with the sale of the products offered, are protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights applicable. Any kind of reproduction, communication, distribution, publication, alteration or transformation, in any form or for any purpose, it is forbidden. Piombini s.r.l. will proceed legally to protect these aspects.

Personal data protection

Piombini s.r.l. is the holder of personal data collected when the user (or client) register to the website, as well as those subsequently submitted at the order, except for the information related to the payment process for which each bank or payment gateway is responsible. Piombini s.r.l. will not sell any of these data to any third party for commercial purposes. The personal data requested during the Piombini s.r.l. website registration process must be provided in a full and correct manner. Whether the data provided should change, the user (or client) is obliged to update his account with immediate effect. For any further information on personal data, including the rights governed by the Art.7 Lgs. D. 196/03, please refer to the privacy policy section.


For any communication please contact Piombini s.r.l at the following address:
Piombini s.r.l
Via Broggio 438
37050 Isola Rizza Verona
email: piombini@piombini.it

Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Italian law. The Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time due to modifications in laws and regulations or other reasons.